Back There Somewhere

Ive started this writing thing, to let go. To try and find the feelings I suppress. I don’t like politics and people arguing about it.. so thats a no go. I don’t like writing about current events, brings the Icky out in people.. so this is for me, my opinions and strangers. Anyways…

These feelings are hiding deep somewhere, they are where the memories of when MTV being my babysitter 30 years ago, are. (Maybe thats where my odd knowledge of music and years they came out come from.)

I always find myself wondering if other people can remember redundant memories as well, or if I’m just bonkers.

The younger me memories spontaneously come to me.. Ill think about it for days and it brings more memories to me of that time period too, I can’t tell if my mind is making them up or if these super vivid memories are true.

Then there are times that I see something or hear something that floods a memory into my head, that I haven’t thought of before. They are prominent and they are real, some good, some intense. Thankfully nothing stands out that would make this a sorrow story, just a odd one.

I have to call my mother sometimes to ask her of places, people or situations only to make sure my mind isn’t making shit up. She’s grown accustomed to getting these strange phone calls from me in the past few years, the first few freaking her out, for I “shouldn’t remember these things due to the age that they had happened.”

Most of the time my mom just stutters something, saying, she can’t quite remember the time frame but she vaguely remembers the situation…  Must be all the years.. you know .. when MTV was my babysitter, (along with my older step sister and brother).

Thats where my most recent feelings have retreated too, I need them out. So heres this





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