This SkyKing

He’s taken most of us by storm, Beebo Skyking Russel, with his final moments captured for all to see, flying away into the sunset. The others argue that he’s not this hero title that some have glorified him to be and are bitter that he took his life at his own hands, calling him selfish. This group of people say that he risked many of people’s lives and halted thousands on the ground to act as this selfish suicidal plane hijacker.

It upsets me when I read that headline, “Suicidal” or “Hijacker” even if it is what it is. He left this world with a story to tell and thats how they like to begin it? NO!
In the midst of this mans short-lived adventure he talks about wanting to see the Orcas, asking for their coordinates and asking if the others could see the Olympics. He makes jokes about learning to fly from video games and even plays around about wanting to do stunts in the commercial airline to other pilots thinking this man was a lunatic, when in reality, he was far from it. They assured him he couldn’t and “Kept it all business.”

He calls himself broken and apologizes to his ones closest to him, while talking to a air traffic controller named “Andrew” which is safe to assume was a work friend that knew his humor. It didnt take him very long to get back to the light hearted person his family said he was, hearing the soft, playful tone come back after he said his peace to everyone and stated that he wasnt there to hurt anyone else or even “ruin their day.”

You could also hear in his tone that he realized he took it too far and there was no turning back. I personally think deep down that if the other pilots would have been maybe a little more personable and light like him, the could have convinced him to land. After pulling off a Barrel Roll, are you telling me that the world doesnt think that he could have landed that plane?  No IT WAS THE COLD DEMEANOR ON THE OTHER END THE HEADPHONES TRYING TO TALK HIM OFF THE LEDGE REMINDED HIM OF WHY HE WAS UP THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.
The pilots congratulated him on landing his stunt but had no heart behind it, I wish his work friend Andrew would have been able to give him the “Holy Shit Rich you did it man” that Richard deserved before taking his life.
I think that if someone could have reassured him that the world is starting to warm up, he would have possibly taken the time and the backlash that he deserved for his crazy stunt. unfortunately that wasnt the way his story was to end, reminding us that we feel so passionate about him and this day, because he wasnt “mentally ill” .. he was mentally broken and I am sure theres a lot of us that can relate and he may have made us aware.

Not one of us that are captivated by this whole shindig, knew him personally, but we feel that we knew him. He was that one friend of ours, that everyone has, that no matter what they’re going through, would still make you smile or chuckle at the most inopportune time. I hope that his family and close friends are able to feel the closure by listening to his final times. I hope that they find that even though he did something painful right now, they are able to read all the positive things people have to say about a stranger that was able to make us laugh with witty humor and amazing skills.

The man did a stunt in a commercial airline that two jet fighters didnt think could be pulled off. If that isnt a big middle finger to this cold world, then you dont understand what its like to be Mentally Broken.

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