Temp Pain

The anticipation of the hurt always seems worse then what it really is.

Like when youre climbing a water tower, or climbing a cliff, a ladder ever, The reason you are scared is because if you fall you know you could really injure yourself or die. Mental Precautionary.

Physical pain sucks. a paper cut under your nail, jamming your pinky toe on the bed or hitting the right pressure Point on a blunt object can even bring you down, but what about being a strong independent person and there’s no one around to help when you truly need ir. Thats a whole lotta different pain to endure. Not being able to get out of bed to use the wash room or get water. Thats pain.
When youre surrounded by people during the day, smiling in your face and texting your phone, but are completely alone at night. Its unfortunate that’s the life I chose to walk. Now I lay here, alone, by my previous life choices.

Everyone needs someone sometimes I Guess… but how do you let someone in to be around at these times of night when you’d rather be lonely.
I should have got a stay in nurse for the night.


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