Ive never believed in closure, I think its ones desire to feed the hungry heart. It prolongs the pain and deviates the truth. What is there to deliver you from with closure? They’re just spoken words, that no longer have meaning, for the emotional disattached. Why do they need to be said? Powerful words fall onto deaf ears, leaving no closure, just more pain for one of the parties. The meaningful altitude practiced in ones head, means nothing to the displaced.

The hard truth is almost never spoken but yet sweetened up to brace impact leaving many maybes or what ifs. Closure is bullshit. In order for closure to become what its intended for, the best interest is what needs to be addressed, but hardly is. As well truth is a hard pill to swallow and will leave an angry elephant in the room. Humans can’t take rejection positively and will most likely handle it in a manner that will need more closure.

When addressed correctly it could be the closure of a book that would never needed to be reopened.

Can you handle closure the way it should be addressed?


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