Face Killed the StoryTeller

So many words So little time, Reverse that, Scratch that.

I have non-fictional stories for days.
Ive had an adventurous life for someone my age, some regrets, some astonishing, and some completely so far fetched some may think it’s untrue. Im in my mid 30’s and have lived more lives and had more chances at living my life, than any reasonable person would care to admit.

People listen in awe with intent in their eyes when I start to speak about some of these things, they want to hear what Im saying because Im saying it. Being easy on the eyes with a kind spirit, I draw people in, even if they don’t want to be.
Does that make sense?
Would they want to hear these stories without the visual of the storyteller.
The answer is no.
Ive shared 1 story of mine from WordPress on a social media platform, acting like it was something that I read that found funny, no bites. A few friends read it and chimed in that of course I found it funny because it relates to me….
If I write under my real name on another social media platform, these people are ALL OVER it. They talk to me about it in person, the validate it online and they chime in.
But here when I share it, Nothing. ‘Cause its not me right?

I can speak freely on this platform with the same stories, even with parts that I intentionally left out in person, without fear of being judged because you don’t know me. I put myself at my soul bearing mercy to the same place most people come to make themselves be who they think they want to be.        Yet nobody is here to listen.

Where can I draw the line to be able to fully let it out with someone to tell it to. It feels good to release it, yet, there’s no feed back, there’s no interaction.
Should I allow those to know who I am, here, so I can get some validation
continue to express myself freely, with no one around, just so it can be said?

I want to be interesting without thinking they are listening just because I am who I am, but for now It seems they are just acting and saying things they think I want to hear for some odd reason I couldn’t even tell you. I am nobody to impress, so why do you act interested.

Do I not get clicks, reads or likes here because Im not utilizing the tags and featured images to draw a crowd? I don’t know how to use this, maybe I should put more effort into that then worrying about why Im worrying why nobody wants to listen to me when its not me.


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