Dissecting Bold

Today I spent a day asking people what they thought of when I mention the word Bold, with no other content than just the word. These were people from social media platforms, chat sites and personal friends. The answers I received were all over the board and that made me contemplate the word, in itself, deeper. Some feel the word and others visualize it. Some even made it a physical word. Ive decided to collect and dissect some of the answers that made me view this word from all perspectives.
I really hope you follow along and give me some input

Coffee was my first answer. “Bold Coffee” Most coffee drinkers know that there’s nothing quite like the first sip of, a bold, made just right, cup of coffee to kick-start your day. So that would be a feeling? Seeming you have to indulge in this particular word to understand the meaning of the one at hand.

Lipstick Now.. this one is tricky. When I think of “bold lipstick”, I think of Vibrant and Daring shade of bright red lipstick; Visual. I can envision a confident lady getting herself ready for an important business meeting and her finishing touch, is this bold kiss of death. Or just a lady of the night, wearing the same color :shrug:. But anyways here’s the tricky part, the woman who told me this word, is the type of lady that was, in fact, getting ready for the meeting, So me knowing her, she Feels the bold.

Leonidas (Im gonna have to say I did google this) is a person. Leonidas was boldHe was a strong King born from a demigod.. So I’m guessing the word can mean person … or maybe …. it was the actions of the person that brought him into this. Never the less he would be the best person, in my friend’s opinion, to describe out word at hand. Now not being a person of today wouldn’t it be a visualization?

Font Had a few of these answers, mostly in a chat room I visit sometimes. But being a chatroom and the availability to change it, I can see how this would be a go to. So font is Visual.

Flavor was another. I think of a Slim Jim, I mean many other things came to mind but I’m just gonna go with “Snap Into A Slim Jim” because I’m sure once upon a time before all the go vegan stage of people’s life, they have had a slim Jim. So back to Taste.

Strong Woman said by a stay at home mom, so this leaves me confused. Yes being BOLD and being a STRONG WOMAN go hand in hand. But what does Bold have to do with being a strong woman? Was this a feminist poke in a sea of mens responses? .. So I think that was BOLD

Actions This is my answer.. I think BOLD is a way of action. Not food, not visual, but an action. Being bold and standing up to a bully. Being Bold by taking the first step to change your life . Bold to me is Ballsey .

what does Bold mean to you?