Luck Chance For $25

Theres a lady who tried selling her multimillion dollar home, without prevail. Wither she didn’t get the asking price or if nobody was interested, isn’t our business, but she’s finishing with a writing competition for her home. Then entry fee is $25.00 Canadian dollars and requires a story on why winning her home would change your life. Of course there’s guidelines and such, one being it has to be maximum 350 words.

I want to do this. Not because I feel I deserve the home more than the next person, but I want to help this contest. I also want someone to just read what I have to say. They ask that you write a essay, story or just paragraphs on why you should win. I want to win, who doesn’t want to win in any aspect, moreover, I just want to write something and have it read to maybe make someone feel something.

I am in no way a professional writer but I love to write about everything. Im considering writing this lady, but not for why I deserve her home, just because, why not. I do not hold hope that I will win, I just have hope someone will admire what they have read, smile, and never forget my story.